Robby Rabbit is a children’s brand loved by both kids and adults for 30 years and counting! Its top-of-the-line collections include children’s bags — that range from fashionable slings to innovative and exclusively-patented school bags and trolleys — and a line of children’s apparel that use comfortable and premium fabrics to create fun and classic pieces. All of Robby Rabbit’s products are especially designed and manufactured with utmost care to cater to your children’s ease, comfort, and fashion needs.

Robby Rabbit bags and apparel are available in leading departments stores nationwide.

ROBBY RABBIT is an original cartoon character from the Philippines. He loves learning, exploring, and sharing good times with friends!

Our Story

In the latter part of the year 1988, a spirited and stylish character was conceived and was born in the US. It was a cute and adorable little white rabbit named ROBBY RABBIT. In that same year, he was given a registration certificate from the US National Library of Congress in Washington, DC. USA.

After a short stint in the US., Robby Rabbit went back to the Philippines and was introduced to the Philippine market. Robby Rabbit's top-of-the-line collections include children's bags, apparel, accessories and novelty items.

ROBBY RABBIT’S character is well-rounded and has an incredible knack for excellence. He loves exploring and learning new things the most, especially with his close friends KEWPEE, DOOPEY, SQUIRMY, SPARKS, SQUIGGLE, FRITZI and WHISSLE. They love to go out on adventures, play with numbers, and read all kinds of stories to each other while taking a rest under a tree.

Inclined to sports as well, ROBBY RABBIT enjoys Long Jumps, Track & Field, Basketball, and Chess, more often than other sports.

A natural food lover, ROBBY RABBIT loves eating his mother's delicious freshly-baked creamy carrot cake. He especially loves eating them with his friends over cups of tea and milkshakes. (Carrot milkshake is his favourite, of course!)

Most of all, Robby Rabbit enjoys life to the fullest. When times get rough, he loves to tell funny jokes and stories to cheer everyone up, after which he would laugh at his own jokes and do a somersault!